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A.T.X.S. Wikia is a fan-created online encyclopedia whose mission it is to compile the most complete and thorough review of all subjects related to the online web comic, A.T.X.S.


There are currently 24 pages in this Wikia.

Character Bios Locations Chapter Summaries
Main Characters
Sheath · Feed · Float · Drift · Tear · Shift · Brake · Squish
Wasteland P.D.
Enjoy · Scram · Enforce · Question
Void Knights
Witch Void Knight · Knight Void Knight · Satellite Void Knight
Interuniverse P.D.
Condemn · Drain
Highly Doubtful Special Five
Arrive · Corral · Generate · Encase · Ally · Test
Land · Eat · Accelerate
Act One

Act Two

:Act One:

Act Two


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