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First Appearance

Chapter 6, Page 350



Hair Color


Eye color

Hidden by hair

Main Abilities

Group Association

Arrive, Generate, Encase, Ally, Test

Quiet, restrained and introspective, Corral is something of the odd girl out. Although amicable in her own way, Corral certainly lives in her own world and has her own unique take on logic that is not necessarily shared by everyone else.

As for her physical appearance, Corral's most defining trait is probably that she's missing the lower half of her body. She manages to survive in spite of this by being a robot. However, due to her missing legs, autonomous movement is almost impossible for her, hence why she is mostly seen being carried around by other characters. Furthermore, she does not seem to have eyes, so it is unknown how far she can perceive her surroundings.

Corral specializes in heavy weapons which she can use by transforming her arms into all kinds of deadly implements.

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