First Appearance

Chapter 03, Page 63



Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Purple



Main Abilities

Spell Caster, Riddles, Explosions

Group Association

Comrades of Shift and Sheath's Team

A young, wide-eyed and slightly naive girl, around Feed's age or perhaps a bit older. While not quite as intelligent as Feed, Squish possesses a gentle tricksterish streak and a cleverness that comes in handy at times. The party's spellcaster, Squish has vast destructive capabilities with the caveat that she must ask the target a riddle to activate her spells. If they answer correctly, her spells fail. This works on inanimate objects since, obviously, objects cannot answer and so fail by default. Also, if the target doesn't want to answer or listen to the riddle, the spell fails. Although she has proved to change these rules if she wants.

There's a misterious jester-like shadowy alter ego that helps her in dificult situations.

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